Owned by Sydney-born John Kelly, JFK Construction has grown to become renowned as one of the best custom home builders in Perth.

John found his career beginnings in 1988, working locally as a carpenter. Creating a reputable name over decades of hard work, John established the JFK Construction family nine years ago. Consisting of a small and dynamic team of professionals, JFK Construction has a combined building experience of over 68 years.

Boutique Custom Home Builders

As a small custom home building company in Perth, we offer a full suite of boutique construction services. We’re able to travel light and keep costs low, avoiding massive overheads and marketing so added administrative costs don’t get passed onto you. Plus, we’re not tied to particular suppliers so we can provide a more accommodating and flexible service for a custom home build.

Best of all, we work on few projects at a time to ensure that each build receives generous attention. We keep our eyes on the ball and guarantee that we’ll get your build completed to high standards on time and in budget.

With over 68 years of combined experience, our design and construction team specialises in the entire custom home build process. From initial planning and design to handover, you’ll be guided by our professionals.

Virtual 3D Walkthroughs

Seeing your home design on paper or computer screen can make it difficult to imagine the final result. But, on your second consultation, you’ll get the chance to dive deep into your custom home before it’s even built.

We offer innovative virtual walkthroughs using advanced virtual reality technology allowing you see what your new home will really look like. These 3D house plans allow you to walk the halls, explore your kitchen and discover your new home with an immersive walkthrough that gets all the little details right. You’ll get a real sense of your home’s dimensions, finishes and layout, allowing you to make changes or additions with a more informed and detailed approach.

Our Values

“Whether your family is large or small, having a well-designed family home where everyone can get the most out of their space can make a profound difference to your enjoyment in life.” – John Kelly

Coming from a hard-working Irish family of eight, John values the importance of family life and the significance of the family home. This allows John to offer valuable insight into custom home designs that foster close family relationships while providing privacy and space when required.

As a keen member of the Belmont business community, John is heavily involved in numerous community initiatives and events. Guided by John’s friendly and personable approach to business, JFK Construction has built up a team of experienced and reliable tradespeople and suppliers; most of whom are local to the area.

Where We Work

As boutique custom home builders in Perth, JFK Construction works throughout the Perth metro area, including Mosman Park , Nedlands ,Victoria Park, East Victoria Park, Jane Brook, Parkerville, Mundaring, Middle Swan, Brigadoon, Oakford, Kalamunda, Stoneville , Lesmurdie ,Brentwood , Melville, Alfred Cove , Bicton ,Mt Pleasant , Applecross , Beaconsfield, Palmyra, Carlisle, Rivervale , North Perth, Mt Hawthorn, Leederville and the surrounding suburbs.

Contact us online now or call (08) 9355 1788 to speak to our custom home builders in Perth today.

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John Kelly – JFK Construction

“Whether your family is large or small, having a well-designed family home where everyone can get the most out of their space can make a profound difference to your enjoyment in life.”

John F Kelly