Building your new home is a big commitment, so it’s important we do everything we can to get things right for you the first time. That’s why we offer virtual reality 3-D walk-throughs so you can dive deep into your new ‘virtual’ home and see that everything’s exactly as you wanted – before we start the build.

Get immersed in your new home

For most of us, seeing things on paper is just not enough. It’s hard to imagine what your house will look like without actually being there. But now, using 3-D glasses or simply looking at the computer screen, you can immerse yourself in your new home, and get a better sense of your home’s dimensions, layout and finishes, so you’re far better informed of the outcome, and there are no nasty surprises.

Benefits of 3-D walk-throughs

  • Get a better feel for your home’s dimensions and layout
  • See how your building materials and finishes will look
  • Gain greater insight into practical issues, e.g., the positioning of rooms, cupboards, windows, workstations
  • Save time and money by easily detecting potential faults or problems before you start spending cash

“3-D walk-throughs are not just an exciting experience; they can save you considerable time and money by detecting anything unwanted in advance, giving you greater peace of mind.”

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